Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jeanne's Wedding Dance -- MDS Page

We had an extremely hot and humid summer here in the DFW area. I'm normally an early morning runner, but I skipped WAY too many mornings throughout the summer. Now, I'm paying for it as I try to get back into my routine. Our weather has been beautiful the last couple of weeks -- cool nights and warm, sunny days. My friend Jeanne runs with my in the mornings. I'm so glad she's a talkative soul. Right now, I'm too winded to keep up my part of the conversation, but she keeps talking and distracting me from how much further I have to go.
We'll take a break from cards today, and I'll show you an MDS page. This is one of Jeanne's black and white wedding pictures. I asked Jeanne, my friend Janet, and my brother for pictures so I could work with different subject matter, and stretch my creative limits. (There's only so much you can do with dogs! And that's the majority of my digital pictures.)
I started with a blank page for this MDS layout. Isn't this a beautiful couple?! They've been married for almost 10 years now. Please let me know if you have any questions about MDS or this page.  Oh, the words down the left side are the lyrics to Lonestar's "Amazed".

Thanks for visiting my site!

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Wendy aka wendella247 said...

I like your MDS pages. You do a nice job with the layouts!


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